Are you ready to become a fitter, faster, stronger, healthier you in 2019? #TeamPBFIT is here to help you achieve that goal. The workouts require minimal equipment and can be done at home or in the gym and last between 15-30 minutes. The Programme is broken down into 3 phases each lasting 4 weeks.

Whats Included

Training Programme

The programme is split into 3 Phases with sessions that you can do anywhere, anytime. Sessions last between 10-20 minutes.

  • 3 Phases of training.
  • Over 20 real time workouts.
  • Train where and its you.


As part of the programme you receive a #TeamPBFIT Cookbook recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

  • Tailored Macronutrients plan.
  • No missed meals or restrictive calorie diet. Its about educating you about healthy balanced living.

Online and App Support

Get access to the PB Fitness App and full online support from our trainers.

  • Ask questions anytime.
  • Log Nutrition.
  • Get motivation.
  • Share your tips and advice.

How It Works

Stage 1

You will receive and create your personal account to log on to the app. At this stage you will be asked to fill in some questions which will enable us to generate your individual macronutrients amounts, as well as giving us a background into your exercise history and current health levels and lifestyle.

Stage 2

Within 2 days of signing up to #TeamPBFIT you will receive your individual macronutrients amounts to your profile on the app as well as your Cookbook, Nutrition Made Easy manual, and user guides to your email address.

Stage 3

Starting your journey. You are now ready to start the first of the 3 phases. One you finish one you will automatically go on to the next stage.

Stage 4

Congratulations your journey is now complete and you will have the knowledge and understanding of how to best maintain and sustain a healthy active lifestyle.

Pay In Full


One-off payment. 

Includes discount for paying in full.

Pay In Instalments


3 x Monthly instalments of £30

Hear From The Team

"I loved phase 1 of #TeamPBFIT. The workouts were tough but fun and loved the variety that they offered. I really liked the fact that you can do the workouts within 20-25mins. The mobile app makes everything really easy. All the support materials you receive help to focus you and set you up on the right path. I am looking forward to starting Phase 2 and loving the difference I can see and feel already."

"The programme fits in well with my work, as I have to travel lots but the workouts mean that I can either do them in my hotel room or if I need to use dumbbells head to the hotel gym. It has really changed my attitude to exercise and I am feeling fitter, healthier, happier and sleeping better."

"My partner and I are just finishing phase 2. The workouts have been tough but fun to do with my partner, which helps with my motivation. We do our workouts in the evenings after we have put our children to bed. The thing we enjoy the most is that the workouts don't take all night. Within 30 minutes you know that you have worked out, but still have enough of the evening to do what you want to do. The meal ideas are great too and we have some new family favorites. Especially the roasted chickpeas.”

"I have an 11 month old baby and this has been perfect for me to fit in the workouts whilst my baby naps during the day or plays in her bouncer or with her toys. I wasn't sure about doing some of the exercises post pregnancy but with the online support I was given alternatives that I could do until I felt comfortable to do the other exercises." I love it and the results that I am seeing!