Mums and Babies Fitness

Bring your baby to PB Fitness, the go-to place on the Island for pre and post natal fitness, nutrition, wellbeing and a bit of friendly advice.

At PB Fitness we know that each and every pregnancy is unique and we do our best to work with you to ensure that we give you the help you need.

Ours bumps and babies programme is run by myself who is experienced and passionate about helping clients with all aspects of their pregnancy and becoming a new mum. You can train in your own private space at Gurnard Pines, with plenty of space for prams and babies are more than welcome to come along to the sessions, so there is no need to worry about childcare or I can come to your house.

We also run postnatal group exercise classes as well as having an online prenatal and postnatal programme that you can follow.

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Bumps Programme

This programme will keep you fit and healthy throughout your 9 months. It can be done in the gym or at home.

Whats included:

27 different workouts, throughout your 3 trimesters

Busting pregnancy myths like eating for two.

Top tips to help you during your pregnancy.

Exercise to help prepare for birth.

And much more all for £15

Restore Your Core!

No gym membership? Can't Escape the House? Looking for something safe to follow postnatal?

This 6 week programme is perfect. All you need is yourself and 10 minutes, to get you moving and building up your strength.

You get 3/4 simple workouts a week that can be completed anytime, anywhere and they are perfect for a quick nap time workout.

Only £20

Mums and Babies Class

The sessions will help:

Strengthen muscles affected by birth.

Meet the new mums.

Exercise safely.

Reduce postnatal depression.

Baby is of course very welcome to join you and we have no issues with you needing to feed, cuddle or change nappies mid workout.

The sessions run Tuesday 13:15-14:00pm or Wednesday 11:45am-12:30pm at Gurnard Pines. £30 for 8 sessions or £7 PAYG. Click below to book your place.

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