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    If you've tuned into my YouTube channel recently you would have seen that I've added a number of HIIT workouts to my library. High Intensity Interval Training has always been part of my fitness routine but lately I just can't get enough of this fast past, calorie buring workout. Here are a few reasons why this is my favourite way to get in shape and why you may want to incorporate HIIT into your regular workout regime.

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    It will come as no great surprise that during pregnancy your body goes through a huge amount of changes. Some of you will sail through the 9 months no problems, while others suffer with all sorts of unwanted aches and pains. Every pregnancy is different. My wife had two completely different pregnancy. The first one was text book no problems, where as the second we had lots of complications with, so it is important to listen to your body. Try not to judge yourself on what others are doing. Find something that works for you and enjoy exercising throughout your pregnancy.