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  1. Warm up

    I have recently read an interesting post about a discussion regarding warming up before a workout and what it should consist of.

    A warm up should be about preparing your body for the exercise that you are about to do. Mobilising your joints and gradually increasing your heart rate to workout level without going anaerobic. Ideally the movements that you do in your warm up should mimic the movements that you are going to be doing in your workout.


    Back Pain 

    Back pain is something that most people will experience in their life at some point. An active cure though is as good as rest. If you are the type of person who has recurrent back pain then fixing the root cause is important. Back problems will generally clear up within a short space of time but can often mask the underlying causes of pain and discomfort. With modern lifestyles becoming more sedentary and obesity on the increase it is not surprising that this results in an increase in back pain.