Personal Training

"I have trained with PB fitness from May 2011 until October 2011. Initially I looked into getting a personal trainer due to my fast approaching wedding. Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day after all. I had already purchased my wedding dress, 2 sizes smaller than what I was at the time and wanted to do everything possible to fit into it. I have never been someone who is enthusiastic about fitness, nor have I ever really enjoyed it. I found Pete to be very approachable as he immediately put me at ease. See more.

On our first meeting we discussed what I like and what I didn?t and what I hoped to achieve from the training. I initially trained twice a week and then increased this to three times a week in the last month before the wedding. Not only did I fit into my wedding dress, it had to be taken in! I also saw a huge difference in my fitness levels. Doing simple activities where I would often be breathless, I can now do with ease. Unlike some personal trainers I found Pete to be really relaxed and kind during our sessions. He didn?t shout at me or make me feel bad about my low fitness levels. Instead he focussed on the positives, praising me when I was working hard and doing well. The activities we did were varied and if I didn?t feel comfortable doing something then he was happy to change the exercise to something else. He also made things fun. We would often laugh and joke throughout the sessions which made the time fly by. This relaxed approach suited me perfectly, as I worked hard, achieved a huge amount, but felt at ease doing it. I am now joining a gym ? something which I have never done and have always felt too intimidated to do. Pete not only helped me achieve my initial goal (of fitting into my wedding dress) but also helped me feel more comfortable and enthusiastic about exercise". - C.Deacon

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"I started personal training with PB Fitness after attending several sessions of circuit training. I felt that I needed to be pushed further to meet my individual needs and the step up to personal training was necessary. PB Fitness constantly push me to hit my goals and I feel that 1 week before my wedding, nothing more could have been done. I am continuing with the personal training after the wedding as I believe I can now set an even tougher goal and hit that". - M.Scudder

"Originally I joined to get healthier, fitter and lose some weight. I am healthier and fitter and have lost a little weight, the reason I have not lost more is down to me and nothing to do with the training. Pete is extremely enthusiastic towards our training, even though we are two middle aged overweight women, he manages to motivate us and keep us on target. I would recommend his services to anybody who is thinking of doing something to improve their health, he is a great trainer". - A.Deacon

"I feel totally relaxed, never pressured, always reassured and encouraged throughout the sessions. Friendly atmosphere." - G.Blackburn

"Having a personal trainer motivates me, if I had a gym pass I know I would not use it regually enough!! I always feel great after a session and I feel so much more energised in myself. Great trainer, very honest and sessions are always fun." - C.Coghlan

"I started with PB fitness to help me lose weight and get fit for my wedding. I lost nearly a stone in two months with Pete's help and am much more toned now than when I started which I am really pleased about. We had to work around my shin splints injury when I started which Pete took in his stride and now we are adapting my sessions again because I want to train for a half marathon." - E.Hicks

"I found PB Fitness on Google and didn't know quite what to expect, given that I'd never used a personal trainer before. I always thought that personal trainers were something of a luxury but it soon became clear that Peter was going to make a real difference in a relatively short period of time. As a result of the one-to-one sessions and my own regular visits to the gym working to a training programme that he tailored for me, I am much fitter, stronger and am developing muscle which is exactly what I wanted. I've been training with Peter for over six months now and can't recommend his services enough. Best of all he's a great guy and easy to get on with." - P.Robinson,

"Peter's friendly and relaxed approach will help anyone to enjoy exercise." - J.Wyatt

"I found the training right for my goals, and Peter's pleasant and thoughtful sessions." - J.Moore

"I use a personal trainer because otherwise I would not fit the necessary exercise into my life. To want to continue to work towards my goal it is essential that the programme is varied and well thought out. Peter is great at keeping the training enjoyable which means I will keep training. Thanks Peter" - B.Rouse

"The training has been well structured, challenging and enjoyable. Like the fact that Pete changes the routines and listens to what I want to work on." - R.Ryan

"Training with PB fitness was the best, most supportive kick start I needed to get into shape. I lost 1st 7lb in the short time I worked with Pete and have continued to lose more. 10/10 service!" - B.Stanbridge

I started using PB fitness around 2 months before my wedding. Having purchased a fitted dress I had gained weight and lost tone due to a lack of motivation on my part. The sessions with Peter were all great fun and he was very supportive in helping me to tone up. Come my wedding day, everyone commented on how trim I was looking and I didn't even need to wear any horrible "suck it in" pants either! Peter knows what works and you never get bored- I would recommend PB Fitness to anyone. - C.Foster

Bootcamp and Group Exercise

"Great Circuit this eve! I felt muscles that haven't been used for a while!"

"I must admit I was nervous, because I haven't been to a fitness class for quite a while. But it was great, you have catered for all abilities. Looking forward to next Monday".

"Very Motivating, I like the variety of exercises".

"Before circuit training I used to dread exercise but going to these classes has shown me that it can be fun and also a social experience. Thank you for making me want to do exercise".

"Have enjoyed exercising in the outdoors, doing different exercises and using the environment around us".

"Having taken part in PB Fitness circuits for around three months now I can really feel the difference. it has boosted my confidence and I'm fitting into clothes that I haven't been able to in years! Pete has been a brilliant instructor - always positive and quick to correct any exercise as required. The classes are always filled with laughter and welcoming to any new participant".

"Really enjoying it, its not scary like other bootcamps and much more for normal people rather than hardcore people!" - K.Cooney

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the bootcamp sessions! The variety, level of exercise and fun factor have kept my interest and for the first time I've actually looked forward to getting up early and working out!" - A.Hunter

"I think boootcamp is worth getting out of bed for.Pete is a very rexlaxed instructor." - Z.Dunford

Each session is different and is well worth getting up for! Pete's positive and quiet manner is motivating and encouraging. Initially I was concerned re my back injury but as I am building more strength in my back muscles I am finding the pain is reducing - brilliant result. Apart from that it's a great group of people and good fun - even in the snow!!!

I've really enjoyed every session that I've attended. I've heard that some other fitness bootcamps have instructors shouting and bawling at the group. This doesn't ever happen with PB Fitness which is great. - A.Nethercott

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